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Tony Dekker sings 10 Years of Zunior

This year is our 10th anniversary and we wanted to do some unique projects.  This has to be one of our all time favourites!  We asked Tony to cover some of his, and our, favourite songs that we available on Zunior over the past 10 years.  Tony recorded the songs solo and spare.  We love it! 100% of the retail sales price of this album goes to the Daily Bread Foodbank.

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Christmas Candy: The 2013 Zunior Holiday Album

Every year we pick a different theme, and for 2013 we want to go with all originals in the theme of candy.  Who doesn’t like candy for Christmas?  The album is a mix of slow burners, instrumentals and classic indie rockers.  100% of the retail price of $8.88 goes to the Daily Bread Foodbank, so you can’t go wrong!   

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A Zunior Ventures Christmas - The 2012 Holiday Album


Every year we pick a different theme, and for 2012 we will do a song-for-song tribute to the spunky 1965 release ‘The Ventures Christmas Album’. The Ventures classic versions of these timeless treats will be reworked by 12 of Canadian’s finest independent artists to create a new Christmas classic called ‘A Zunior Ventures Christmas’. 

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From the 2005 video shoot for Egger - “Pixels”.

From the 2005 video shoot for Egger - “Pixels”.

The 2011 Zunior Holiday Blender

We are pleased to announce the 2011 edition of our annual holiday sampler.  You can buy it right here.

Inspired by the amazing album ‘XMAS - The Beatmas’, created by a Danish Beatles cover band called the Rubber Band. This group made an entire album of Beatles songs with the original vocal melody/lyrics switched out with a Christmas classic. This Zunior release features Canadian artists blending classic Canadian songs with vintage holiday lyrics and melodies.

Trevor Waurechen, our long-time artistic collaborator, takes inspiration from this musical concept to create his own artistic vision. He blends classic Canadian album covers with Christmas-themed images. Every song has it’s own unique cover created by Trevor, and all covers are included in the album package.

We thought you might like to see a few of Trevor’s covers:

100% of the retail price of this album goes to the Daily Bread Foodbank, and the album package includes a unique cover for each song created by Trevor.  You can buy it right here.

Have Not Been the Same - Vol. 1: Too Cool to Live, Too Smart to Die


The Zunior Music Label is very proud to present Have Not Been the Same: The CanRock Renaissance. The album is comprised of 18 current bands covering 18 songs from 90’s Canrock.   The album is a type of ‘musical wine pairing’ with the classic book Have Not Been the Same: The CanRock Renaissance, and this album brings some of the musical stories to life in a modern context.  

One of the best things about this album package is the 24-page PDF booklet included that has stories from each of artists about why they chose the song.  In addition, Michael Barclay adds his two cents as the musical curator of this unique project.

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Coming on December 5 - Great Aunt Ida

The brand new album from Great Aunt Ida will be released on The Zunior Music Label on Tuesday, December 6.  The album is called Nuclearize Me and it features 10 brand new tracks from the musical mind of Ida Nilsen supported by musical contributions from Tim Vesely, Ford Pier, Jesse Zubot and Barry Mirochnick.  Co-produced with at Ottawa’s Little Bullhorn studio with Dave Draves, this is another timeless classic.      

Take a listen to the lead track ‘Your Window’ right here:

01 Your Window by Great Aunt Ida

Coming this Christmas - The ‘Holiday Blender’ Album

We do a new charity album every year on The Zunior Music Label.  The tradition is to get the songs in a theme, and then give 100% of the retail price to Daily Bread.  Every year it gets better and better, and this year we’re at it again.

Taking inspiration from the classic Beatmas album recorded by a group of Swedish studio musicians called “The Rubber Band”, this year’s Zunior album will feature Canadian indie artists blending classic Canadian songs with classic holiday lyrics/melodies.  The Rubber Band did it when they mixed the Beatles with Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, for example. The Zunior album will feature The Golden Seals mixing “The Christmas Song” with Rush, or The Violet Archers mixing “Good King Winceslas” with Gordon Lightfoot or even Zunior founder Dave Ullrich and his Egger band mixing “Silent Night” with the Guess Who classic “Running Back to Sasktoon”.  There will be something for everyone.  

Stay tuned for this great new release this December on The Zunior Music Label.